This is Emmy!

3-year-old Emmy really wanted the cute flower earrings...

But, Emmy has sensitive ears and the flower earrings weren't gold.

Cute flower earrings would turn into green, itchy ears!

What's a mom to do?

Make her own, of course!

Emmy's mom Selena went straight to work, crafting the concept and initial designs for Emmy's Earrings.

Now, we craft dozens of styles for adults and kids.

100% metal-free. All of Emmy's Earrings are available in your choice of plastic posts for pierces ears or transparent plastic clipons.

No more sacrificing comfort for style.

100% Metal-Free

Emmy's Earrings are hypoallergenic!

Posts or Clipons

All styles come in your choice of post or clipons

Proudly Canadian

Made with ❤ in Richmond, ON